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The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul

12 July 2023

Win Rate is the Most Important Metric for Sellers

Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul! 

After years of providing essential sales advice via his wildly successful Sales Enablement Podcast, Andy has a new mission.  As overall B2B sales effectiveness has declined over the past decade he has made it his goal to provide sellers with the critical  knowledge they need to elevate their Win Rate, which is the most important measure of the value they provide to buyers.

Today Andy welcomes his guests, Brandon Fluharty and Dave Brock, to explore the most important factors that influence win rates and provide practical takeaways sellers can use to improve theirs. They start by discussing the decline in sales effectiveness and the average win rate in B2B sales for medium sized deals, which is currently at 17%. And they explore why so many sales managers and sellers are seemingly unaware of their win rates and the impact their win rates have on their sales. 

They discuss the irrational focus of many sales leaders on sales activity, such as the number of dials and emails made, and question the effectiveness of using technology to robotically send out personalized emails quickly. 

Dave discusses the need for a culture shift and emphasizes the importance of measuring impact rather than just focusing on activity metrics. They also explore the core performance levers in sales, including win rate, average deal size, and sales cycle. 

Throughout today’s episode, Andy, Brandon, and Dave emphasize the need to find the right type of customers and focus on what they value, and the importance of effectively managing the  time, energy, and attention of buyers and sellers alike. They emphasize the importance of defining one's impact and prioritizing high-value activities to increase fulfillment and results. 

Key Subjects:

* Defining win rate, tracking progress, managing process.
* Impact over activity in high-growth SaaS companies.
* Outcomes over activities.
* Low win rates impact on marketing effectiveness and product-market fit.
* "Importance of performance levers in sales"
* Reduced meetings, doubled productivity, increased revenue.
* Design thinking needed in changing macroeconomic environment.
* Find customers who value your offer, prioritize tasks.
* More is not always better

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