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Win Rate Weekend: The Value of Defining and Measuring Win Rates

Show Notes

Welcome back to another short standout discussion with Andy and a roundtable of sales pros, Adam Robinson, CEO of, Robert Koehler, a go-to-market advisor at Scale Venture Partners, and Craig Rosenberg, Chief Platform Officer at Scale Venture Partners. They kick it off with a debate on what win rates can expose about product-market fit, and how strategies to get sellers to reach the "win more than you lose" level. They get into the challenges of not having a standardized method for measuring win rates among companies, and the importance of considering win rates by product and market segment to avoid misleading averages. The group also touches on the need for a repeatable sales model before scaling, strategies for maximizing revenue per unit of time spent by sales teams, and wonder if many sellers and leaders expectations have just gotten too low.

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