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Win Rate Weekends: Sales Leaders are Spending Their Time on The Wrong Things

Show Notes

Welcome to Win Rate Weekends and this passionate discussion about the disproportionate investment in sales training for sellers over managers with guests Kristie Jones, Founder and Principal of the Sales Acceleration Group and Steven Rosen, Founder of Star Results. The group has differing views on who should do the coaching and how it should be implemented, but agree that a shift in the investment in training and coaching from salespeople to managers is long overdue. They get into methods of modernizing sales, leveraging CRM systems for management, and the importance of specialized coaching, including soft skills and mental health support. The conversation also touches on incentivizing sales leaders based on team performance and the impact of effective coaching on improving sales outcomes.Let Andy know your take on sales managers roles and sales coaching, by connecting with him on LinkedIn here.Check out the full episode featuring the guests listed above on Andy's Website, Apple Podcasts, or SpotifyHost Andy Paul is the expert on modern B2B selling and author of three best-selling, award-winning sales books, including his latest Sell Without Selling Out. Visit to subscribe to his newsletter for even more strategies and tips to accelerate your win rate!

Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

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