4 simple objectives for every sales interaction

Don’t overcomplicate your selling.

Yes, there are a lot of moving pieces in every complex deal.

However, in my experience winning many 7-figure and 8-figure deals, I learned that being focused on accomplishing just 4 simple objectives in every sales interaction with a buyer helped clarify exactly what they needed from me to maintain momentum and keep moving forward.

  1. Be more connected. Deepen your connection with key decision-makers, influencers and stakeholders.
  2. Be more curious. Deepen your discovery of the compelling opportunities and challenges the buyer faces. And how they influence the decision they need to make.
  3. Be more understanding. Deepen your understanding of the most important outcomes the buyer wants to achieve. And how you can help them do that.
  4. Be more helpful. Deepen the value you provide to help the buyer make progress toward their decision with every sales interaction.

Act with intent to accomplish these four objectives in every sales interactions with every buyer.

You’ll win more.