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Win Rate Weekends: Choose Your Sales Adventure - Driving Outcomes or Solving Problems

Show Notes

Effective sales pros see it all the time. When a salesperson views their job as trying to persuade the buyer to choose their product, the defenses go up. Andy welcomes three outstanding guests, John Westman, an instructor of Professional Selling and Sales Management at Harvard, and also VP of Project Management at Citius Pharmaceuticals. Matt Darrow, CEO of Vivun, and Carlos Nouche, VP at Visualize to discuss shifting from traditional (aka, old, tired, ineffective) sales techniques, which focus on persuasion and closing the deal, to an approach centered on creating mutual success and long-term relationships with buyers. It's about salespeople viewing their role as helping clients achieve their goals, with a focus on outcomes rather than initial sales. They also explore the importance of truly listening to customers, aligning with their objectives, and overhauling compensation models to reflect successful outcomes rather than just sales closures.

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