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Win Rate Weekends : The Sales Problem That Top Management Is Not Addressing

Show Notes

There are good sellers. There are great sellers. There are also some very not great sellers. But even with the majority of salespeople being honest and trustworthy and dedicated to finding solutions to buyer's problems... There is a stigma that is still prevalent in the perception around the profession. Today Andy talks with  John Westman, an instructor of Professional Selling and Sales Management at Harvard, and also VP of Project Management at Citius Pharmaceuticals. Matt Darrow, CEO of Vivun, and Carlos Nouche, VP at Visualize, about how to improve the reputation of sales professionals, emphasizing the shift from persuasion to problem-solving. They discuss integrating buyer feedback, recognizing positive sales behaviors, and the structural issues that create negative perceptions.One of which is the apparent indifference to this issue from organization's top management, and the need for leadership to address and change the current sales culture to better meet buyer expectations.

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